Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year!

And Merry Christmas too, to those of you who are so inclined. I, once again, apologize for my blog flakiness. I'll make up for it soon, I promise. Big stuff going on. Bit stuff. More on that later.

Christmas was great. We had a super fun time with my husband's (large) family. Lots of music, games, gifts, food, etc. They do a super fun white elephant gift exchange that is just soooo amusing. We played some Cranium - what a fun game! And we sang lots of silly carols, led by some outstanding musicians (my husband, his sister, and her friend). And the food.... to die for, of course. And best part, we scored the ham bone (with plenty of meat still on it), with which my hubby made the BEST split pea soup. Which is tonight's dinner (once again). Love the split pea soup.

That all took place the weekend before Christmas. On actual Christmas we had a small brunch gathering at our house which was also just lovely. I made this insanely unhealthy egg bake thing which was such a hit my mom made me promise to make it again this weekend.

And the fun continues. This evening my brother and his wife arrive from Venezuela. And on Sunday we're all heading up to Tahoe for a few days of New Years fun. I'm not a skier, but my two brothers are (or used to be back in the day), so that should be fun for them. And I'm looking forward to some relaxing by the fire surrounded by snowy beauty. Maybe a little hiking too.

My dvd tips for the week are: Once. Loved it. That's all I can say. Loved it. And the Namesake. I read the book, but also loved the movie, as did my husband. So that's my tip for the week. Oh how I miss the Daily Show, and the Colbert Report. Wish those writers and producers would settle their differences so I can be entertained and informed once again.

And that's my update. Sorry, not much knitting to share. I started the Hemlock Ring Blanket, but am kinda struggling with the pattern. Once I get the chart figured out I think I'll be good to go. Guess I should join the yahoo group to see what kind of tips I can find.

Here's my one knits in action picture - my husband's nephew wearing his Utopia hat. He liked it and wore it all evening.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Long time no blog

I see that it's been nearly a month since I've blogged. That's bad. I didn't realize I've been gone so long. I did do a fair bit of knitting in that time, small stuff - holiday gifts mostly.

Sophie Bag
Pattern: Sophie from Magknits
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino - Royal Purple and Dark Gray
Needles: US 10 1/2
This was a quick and easy knit. It really felted up small, but it's still a pretty cute little bag. I made the straps quite a bit longer than the pattern called for, and added a loop closure and a button.

Zak's Utopia Hat
Pattern: Utopia Cabled Hat from Smariek Knits
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino - Dark Gray
Needles: US7 for ribbing, US8 for the rest
I loved this pattern. So cute and easy. I liked it so much I cast on immediately for another in purple.

Purple Utopia Hat

Also, I finished another Wisp. It's pretty much identical to the first one I made so I won't bother with pictures.

Sorry to be gone so long. I'm hoping to get back on the blog train more regularly soon, if not right away. Hope everyone's holidays are happy so far!