Friday, January 25, 2008

Returning to Blogland

Once again, I'm back after another extended absence. All is well, and I'm happy to be blogging again. I see that it's been almost a month since I've blogged, and it was a fairly eventful month indeed. Let's start with our New Years gathering at Lake Tahoe. It was sooooo beautiful. Snowy and sunny and gorgeous. Perfect really. My brothers and sister-in-law skied. Hubby & I hiked in the snow. And we took Mom up the gondola to the top of Heavenly. So beautiful! Lots of handknits were worn:
Me & Mom at Heavenly
That's me in my center square hat and mom in her sunflower tam.

And this last weekend I had a wonderful get-together with my high school girl friends. We gathered at the coast and had a great time catching up, walking the beach, yarn shopping, and knitting!
knitpics3 (And some crochet too!)

And yes, I have been knitting too, though at a much slower pace for some reason. I've been plugging away at the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I just finished the first skein of yarn in fact, so it's time to wind the second. I WILL finish this thing...eventually.
Hemlock Ring Blanket

Also, baby socks. This is about my favorite thing to knit these days. They are so fast and cuuuute. (It's the Better Than Booties Baby Socks from IK.)
Cable Rib Baby Socks

I am about ready to expand my baby knitting to slightly more elaborate items...hats, sweaters, etc. I have a couple friends with new or expecting baby boys, so I gotta get busy with that soon.

Anyway, all is well. I'm happy to be back. I'll do my best to post a tad more often in the near future.