Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sweet Pea

Oh darling baby knits, how you charm me. I've been wanting to knit the Pea Pod Baby Set from the day I first saw it. Now I'm finally working on it and I love it. The color is not right in this picture - it's a little more olivey, and not so dark. I'll try to better capture the color when it's done. I'm starting to feel more inspired about starting new projects. I'm still stuck about the mystery stole. Just letting that one marinate in the basket til I decide what to do with it. But I'm looking forward to starting something new too - maybe a sweater for me. It's hard to think about starting on some wool knitting right now, since it's almost 100 degrees, but soon it'll be time for that.

I just ordered Knit 2 Together, by Tracy Ullman & Mel Clarke from Amazon just because it was on sale so cheap. $5.50! How could I not give it a try? The thing is that I never knit anything out of the books that I already have. I'm just not a very prolific knitter I guess. I mean, I've done a few shawls out of Folk Shawls, and socks out of Favorite Socks and Sensational Knitted Socks. But I've been meaning to do a sweater out of Knitting Nature but haven't got around to it. I won Domikitrix in a drawing from Craftsanity, but haven't seriously searched through it for something fun to knit. Heck, I'd love to knit something from Interweave Knits, but it's like I'm the slowest knitter in the world or something. I guess I'm feeling a little guilty for accumulating knitting books (and magazines) and not knitting anything out of them. And frustrated that I'm not producing more beautiful knitted items. But what the heck...I'm working on it at my leisure, right. I'm trying to create more balance in my life - spending time exercising, reading, etc. which might otherwise be all knitting time. So it's all good, right?

Friday, August 24, 2007


I don't care what you say, these booties are about the sweetest thing ever for tiny feet. And they knit up as fast as can be. I'll for sure be making more of these. They are the perfect quick little baby gift.

Pattern: Saartje's Booties (free download!)
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential in Pumpkin and Trekking XXL, color #110
Needles: Knitpicks Circulars size 1
Comments: This pattern is seriously brilliant!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Look I finally have something knitted to show you! I am so very pleased with myself for completing a project (even if it is just socks), and I am so excited about my beautiful new socks.

Pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks from Favorite Socks
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential in Grass
Needles: Knitpicks circular (magic loop), size 2 for the cuff and first repeat, size 1 for the rest
I loved this pattern. I really liked the 16 stitch, 16 row repeats. It made the socks really zip along. The toe is crazy and fascinating, and I do kinda like it. I will definitely make this pattern again. I think they are so pretty!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The deep blue sea

I do still knit. Just so you know. I have been in a bit of a slump for sure, but I haven't given it up or anything. Maybe I'll even have some FO pictures soon. I'm totally stuck on the Mystery Stole. I'm not loving the whole wing thing. And I'm not so inspired to start a second identical half and graft just now. So I set it aside. I'm working on some super fun socks. Then maybe I'll start on some baby stuff. Gotta love the speed of baby knitting.

Last Sunday, we took a drive to the coast which was so beautiful and peaceful and healing. Iam sometimes just shocked and amazed at how spectacular the Sonoma coast can be. There were waves of fog was just hugging the shore which made for perfect temperatures, and the sea was the most stunning blue.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Checking In

Please forgive my spotty blogging in recent weeks. I am going through a bit of a rough spell in my life and at the moment I'm not even too inspired by knitting, though I haven't completely given it up or anything either. I have made some progress on the Mystery Stole, though I have fallen a bit behind. There's a wee bit of controversy about the theme, (released on Friday) which is Swan Lake, and the design, which is a wing shape. The alternative is to repeat the first half of the stole and kitchner the halves together for a more symmetrical look. I haven't decided which option to follow, though I am inclined to follow the design as written. I think Melanie is a brilliant designer and I think I will trust her instinct. Her other designs are just gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing other people's progress on it so I can make a more informed decision about how I want to continue.

I finished, well all except the finishing, some precious baby booties from this pattern. They are precious. I'll post pictures at a later date.

For now I leave you with a picture of me and my beautiful stepdaughters wading in Mono Lake.