Friday, February 08, 2008

Baby Knits

All I want to knit these days is baby stuff. I'm working on a cute and simple hooded cardigan for my little one.
Red Baby Hoodie

And I whipped up a little hat to go with the baby baseball tee, which I'll be shipping off to a friend who is due next month.
Baby Baseball Tee

And the baby socks of course, they just keep coming. I've done at least 5 pairs now. The blue ones are for a friend with a new baby boy, and the green ones are for my babe, to match his mama's Embossed Leaf Socks.
baby socks

I'm just giddy with excitement over all the baby knits. And the actual baby too of course! We're finally sharing the news with friends, coworkers, etc. and it's so fun to witness their surprised reactions. We're heading to Santa Cruz /Monterey/Pacific Grove next weekend to celebrate my 40th birthday (the 19th). I'm so looking forward to a fun coastal getaway, and a gathering with our Santa Cruz friends, and visiting my favorite Pacific Grove yarn shop.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Really Big News

We're having a baby! I have been wanting to say that for ages, and now I'm almost afraid to say it. But I am sooooooo excited about it, though still struggling to believe it's for real at times. I am a bit of a late bloomer, what the doctor's like to call "Advanced Maternal Age". I'll be 40 in a couple weeks. 40! And yes, this is my first. I have two adult stepdaughters who are fabulous. But I am so thrilled to be growing a baby from scratch. It took us two rounds of IVF and a lot of emotional ups and downs to get to this point. I am 14 weeks 1 day today, due July 31. We did a CVS to check for chromosomal abnormalities, which we passed; a HUGE relief! One of the side benefits is that we got to learn early on (like at 12 weeks) the sex of the baby.'s a boy! I'm having a baby boy! Woohooo! Perfect. The whole thing still seems like such a huge miracle to me. A big ol' scientific miracle of course. But magical and amazing nonetheless.

So of course I've been working on baby knits, mostly tiny socks Also some gifts for a couple friends who are soon having, or recently had babies, also boys. I love love love the baby knits. Fast, easy, and way cuter than grownup stuff. If anyone has good baby boy knit ideas, send them along because I'm looking for suggestions. I'd like to start on some baby sweaters very soon.

That's my news. No pics today. Have an amazing weekend!