Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Favorite Baby Products

So we've had our boy home with us now for 4 weeks. He's doing great. We're doing great, still figuring out all the things you have to learn with a new baby - like how to get enough sleep, how to get stuff done, etc. There are so many fantastic inventions that make life easier with baby. Here are a few of my favorites...

Henry loves his rainforest bouncer...sometimes I think he loves it more than me. When he's crying inconsolably, the thing that will surely settle him down is setting him in his bouncy chair and turning on the vibrator and the little waterfall thing and the forest sounds.

Henry's sleep savior is the Miracle Blanket, a brilliant little baby straight-jacket. Henry loves this thing and he can really only get a decent night's sleep when he's swaddled up tight in his miracle blanket. I know babies can be swaddled in regular receiving blankets too, but this thing is virtually impossible to break out of, so he just relaxes and doesn't even try to free his arms. Brilliant! And then there's the Moby Wrap, a super comfy baby carrier. It's really just a very long (like 15 feet or so) piece of fabric that wraps around to create interesting ways to carry baby. Henry loves it because it's soft and stretchy and holds him close to me.

Another great invention that has turned out to be surprisingly useful for us is this Homedics Sound Spa...when we're putting Henry down to sleep we turn on the ocean sounds and set the timer for 15 minutes so we all fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves. It's super soothing for all of us. It makes other sounds too, like a heartbeat, or lullabies...but we like the ocean sound best, and I think it must be a little like the sounds of being in the womb.
And as for books...The Happiest Baby on the Block has been a great source of helpful info on calming and soothing an upsest baby.

So there's my list of just a few of the fantastic baby products that have really helped us.
Not much knitting going on here. A teensy bit of sock knitting now and again, so someday I will finish the pair of socks I've been working on for the last 2 months. Here's one last picture of Henry in his Baby Kimono sweater...