Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Kimono

I finished the baby kimono sweater, and I love it. It was such a fast and easy project and it's sooooo adorable. Mine came out smaller than the pattern called for - it's probably about a 0-3 month size, but that's perfect, since most of the sweaters I've made are a little bigger, so it'll be good to have something the munchkin can wear when he's just a new babe.

Baby Kimono Sweater

Pattern: Baby Sachiko Kimono Sweater by Erika Flory
Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus light blue and sage
Needles: US7
Size: Small (about 3 month)

I made a little coordinating hat in the sage color, but it seems a little silly to me so I didn't picturize it. But even silly hats can look pretty sweet on a baby, so we'll try it out and see how it works. This may even be his going home from the hospital outfit if it's a cool day, and if it fits.

So no baby yet, but I do feel like it's going to be soon (but maybe every first time mom feels that way). My due date is still 10 days away, but my body is feeling quite ready. I had my last day of work on Thursday, so this is my first week off and I'm loving that. We did some serious hill walking over the weekend - the first time I've attempted that walk in months. It felt like such an accomplishment. Today I'll probably stick with swimming, just to give my achey body a break.

Hopefully any day now our little guy will join us in the big wide world!

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tiennie said...

This is a beautiful kimono!

Oh how I remember the wait! At least with the last 3 - I had a positive ending date (c-sections.) Good luck with everything!