Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twice in One Month?!

So it's still November and I'm posting again! Yay me!

And I've actually been doing some knitting, with some actual FO's to show for it. I knitted up two February Baby Sweaters for a friend who is expecting twin girls in the next month or two.

February Baby Sweaters

Details on Ravelry.

Also, I am so NOT a photographer. Such a crappy photo that is. Not really the actual color of the sweaters at all. But you get the general idea.

I liked this pattern quite a lot once I finally figured it out. But that took me a bit of figurin', which means that the first sweater (the purple one) has some mistakes which did not reappear in the second sweater. They match pretty well, aside from a few mistakes, and I accidentally did the buttonholes on different sides for each sweater. Oops! Lame, I know. Still, I'm quite pleased with the overall result. It's a sweet pattern and the yarn is a lovely soft superwash wool, Fibranatura Baby Merino which I got on some excellent clearance at Webs. And there's enough leftover to make two more baby sweaters...or something of that sort.

Now onto more important photos. And, although I am obviously terribly biased, I think there's really no denying that this is one very beautiful baby:


He's almost 4 months old already, and is growing so fast. My little angel boy.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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tiennie said...

So adorable! The sweaters are pretty cute too. :)